GTA 5 Broke Record


Recently, GTA 5 broke record for highest grossing entertainment product of all time. Ever scene it release in 2013, GTA 5 help Rockstar gain a total of 6.6 Billion dollars, An all time record for any Game, Movie, TV show, etc.


Coachella Getting Sued

c17_1200x630The famous music festival Is getting sued by another music festival. They are getting sued because Coachella is taking musician who are scheduled for other events and this is causing other music events to cancel there events.

Connor McGregor arrest


conor-mcgregor-arrest-courthouse-bus-attack.jpgMMA Star Conor McGregor was arrested for assault on UFC Fighter Michael Chiesa after a live event in Brooklyn New York.  a few days ago, Conor and a bunch of his entourage attack a bus that was holding Michael Chiesa and a bunch of other ufc fighters. McGregor throw a metal fence at the bus witch broke the glass window of the bus and cut Chiesa in the head.  He was charged with 3 counts of assault and one count of criminal misfit.

Nickelodeon Fires Schneider

1522155986897Nickelodeon has just fired Dan Schneider. Dan Schneider was the mastermind behind shows like Drake and josh, Icarly, and All That. his impact towards kids and young adult made him win a lifetime achievement award t the 2014 Kids choice awards. the reason I believe he got fired from nick is due to one of his shows ” Game Shakers” getting cancelled and reports of him having a short temper.

Jersey shore’s is coming back


The infamous MTV reality show is coming back in April 2018. Jersey shore sire in 2009 and lasted for 6 seasons. the show followed the lives of a bunch of young adults who share an house in Seaside heights, New Jersey. The show was very controversial with all the fighting and make outs and many people thought the show was staged and fake. but dispute the controversy, it was the home of iconic lines like “cabs are here” “come at me bro” and “ya buddy”.

VAR approved for 2018 world cup


The international football association board (IFAB) approved to add Video assistants referees for the upcoming 2018 FIFA world cup in Russia. Var is when a group of three people work together to discuss an controversial play (kinda like video reviews in other sports leagues). many people think that this would slow down the pace of the game, slimier to how american football reviews tend to slow down a game. but it wont be as time consuming as america football in my opinion because there not alot to review in soccer.