Dynamic Composition


I Believe that this artwork dose not have a focal point because there is nothing that relay stands out. There is visual flow in this picture. The lines are in unity and we can see shape and lines. This artwork successfully utilizes the repetition of shape and lines because they are in harmony with each other. this drawing kinda displays a confident use of a PITT pen, but it relay doesn’t explore the use of quality and thickness due to the fact that i only used one pen and its a little choppy. I think that the way that I used the right pen make it successful because I originally used a 1.8 mm pen and it looked to thick and I changed it to a 0.7 mm pen and it looks much better. I don’t like how choppy it looks. The lines are not straight. I do think the design has not been done in a professional mater simply because on the lines and how choppy they look.



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