Shape & Space Composition

The relationship of the figure and ground are present in this design. I do believe that the black and white shapes do complete the act of negative and positive space. This composition dose contain 50% of black and 50% of white shapes. The shapes in the design dose look accurate with each side of the composition. It’s a little bit of but you cant really notice it. I achieve balance in this design sorta by eyeballing the shapes and placing the shapes down without gluing it to get an idea what the composition would look like and if one side corresponds with the other side. The balance of the shape on both sides of the piece look identical and are in perfect harmony with each other. The shapes I used could have been better, by having a shape in the left side on the black paper and a shape on the right side of the white paper. It would look much more cooler in my opinion. The final design has been done in a professional matter for the most part. there is some glue stain on the design and some of the white shapes were not cut equally compared to the black shapes.


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