This design dose have a focal point. It is located around the top right hand side of the composition because it is where the darkest shapes are located. There is visual flow all over the design. I mainly used light and dark elements to make the viewers eyes moving. I created some of the design by getting ideas from object around my house that has textures. there is some value ranges in the design. the right side of the composition show some value in the form of shading and dissolving. I like how some of the texture look in the triangle. not only do they look nice and has texture in them, it show that I am getting better as an artist. There are some little errors around the piece that i was not happy about. for the most part. this composition has been done in an professional matter, but there is some mistakes that I made while I was making this design. most of the textures are uneven and i messed up the texture with the cross hatching a few times. other than that, it was not really a train wreak.


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