Color Studies


1.Describe the difference between the words “hue” and “color”

The difference between hue and color is hue is the color name and color is the actual color.

2. What does it mean to tint or shade a hue

Tint is adding white to a color and shade is adding black to a color .

3.What is an analogous color scheme

Analogous color scheme is using color that is next to each other on the color wheel.

4.What are complementary colors? What happens when two complements are mixed together

Complementary colors are the colors on the opposite side of the color wheel. when you mix complementary colors. you get black.

5. In your own words, describe simultaneous contrast

Simultaneous contrast is when colors of two different objects affect each other.

6.What does saturation mean? Describe two ways to decrease a color’s saturation

Saturation is the intensity of the color. you can decrease it by shading it or toning. it



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