Final Project Critique

This design has circles and a huge biomorphic shape that goes from the bottom to the top. There are also complimentary colors in the design and somewhat of a line with the purple gas like thing around it. The entire picture plane is utilized in the design by having the colors and the shapes take up the space. There is convex shape in it with the light green spots on that biomorphic shape. The composition is balanced asymmetrically. Visual Weight is used within the yellowish spot on the top right of the design. Visual flow is used within the green biomorphic shape. The eye follows it until it ends and the lightness to dark of it can help with that also. The focal point is on the top right hand side of the design and it utilizes the rule of thirds by not having the focal point in the center of the page. The painting shows an illusion in scales by having that biomorphic shape start out big and get smaller as it goes up and turns. The colors are sort of a warm night vibe when I see it due to the brightness of the green shape. Expressive colors are utilized in the portrait. The complementary colors were used by mixing colors like red and blue for the purple areas.

The concept of the design shows what happens in my mind. That biomorphic shape represents the message going in my head and the purple gas like shape represent the confused thoughts like if I forgot something or something bad is about to happen. My word was nervous and I feel this represents it pretty well. When I see the color green, I think it means something good, like a green light or a green battery when your phone is charged. I used the color purple to express a poison type of color with represents the bad things getting into the shape. The light green spots represent the nervous feeling getting into the design and this causes the protective shell to break. And the red spots show the negative stuff getting in.

The design utilizes the use the principle of organization. Everything is in harmony and shows negative space.  The design also applies a basic principle of composition by having the design take up the border and by have visual flow, focal point, etc. the composition Has an understanding towards the colors and the theory’s. Craftsmanship was present in the design. Although the painting wasn’t perfect it does show general knowledge of that it is. The design shows the overall meaning towards the assignment.



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