Week 2: A Bowl of Disappointment


Super bowl 53………… Man where do I begin.

For starters, Lets start off with the matchup,  The New England Patriots and the Los Angeles Rams, 2 team that honestly shouldn’t be in this game because of BS nfl Rules and Officiating. Anyway’s the game in the first half was SOOOOOO BORING. It was just a defensive showdown with the score of 3-0 Pat’s at the half. and because its halftime, we get a concert. So who’s performing this year.

*maroon 5, *Travis Scott and *Big Boi

Oh……..Uhhhhhh. ok??

So, how was the half time show. It was pretty bad. maroon 5 dident sound that good and the other performers weren’t amazing ether, Especially Travis Scott. Speacking of Travis, they showed off  spongebob and I want to take a moment to talk about it. In November of 2018, Spongebob creator Stephen Hillenburg passed away from als. so as tribute, People set up a petition account to have the song Sweet Victory be played at the super bowl halftime show. fast forward 3 months and…..It happened. Squidward pop up on the screen and said “And now a musical genius that needs no introduction” as I was watching this, I was freaking out thinking that they would play sweet victory. And then, The NFL Trolled the world, by playing the beginning of Sweet victory but instead of the song being played, Travis Scott’s Sicko Mode played instead. I was just confused and disappointed as he world was. And by the way, Travis Scotts performance was Awful. Most of the song was muted due to the curse words and it left a bad inprestion because we wanted sweet victory, But instead, we get this hypebeast song. A Youtuber I watch called BionicPIG Gave his thoughts of the halftime show. Ill link it in the bottom of the post. And the Dallas Stars did a sweet victory intro before one of there games after the Super Bowl. which is what should have happened in the first place. Ill link it as well, Its pretty cool

Anyway back to the game, It was more of the same, punt after punt after punt. until Sonny Michel (RB, NE) Got the first touchdown of the game, and sadly it was the only. the Rams could’t do anything when it comes to offence and because of that, They lose with the score of 3-13. Witch is actually the lowest scored super bowl in history.

So the Patriots win and Tom Brady has his 6th super bowl ring (God that was hard to type) The MVP of the super bowl was WR Julian Edelman with 10 caches for 141 yards and NO TOUCHDOWNS.”Im so happy the Patriots won the super bowl again” Said no one outside of New England.

So what did I learn, THE NFL SUCKS AND THE PATRIOTS RUIN THIS LEAGUE. Next time, Watch the puppy bowl instead, At least theirs a new winner every year. WORST SUPER BOWL EVER.




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