Week 6: Spring Break Recap

So this passed week was my spring break, and I just want to take this time to share with you what happened during my break.

Well for the most part, nothing happened. I spent most of the time relaxing, playing tetris 99 and Kingdom hearts 3.

However, I did you watch Captain marvel over the break with some of my friends and it was pretty good, though it was one of the weaker marvel movies in my opinion, despite the controversy with Brie Larson, it was OK. And yes, I am sooo excited for Endgame.

I was also freaking out over nfl free agency. My jaw hit the ground when I heard that Odell Beckham jr got traded to the Browns and I was excited to hear that Le’von Bell signed with the Jets. Hopeful he is happy with the money.

I also went down to the city to see some family who were on vacation. we spent Saturday in jersey city and Sunday in downtown Manhattan, we also when to the 9/11 museum which was very interesting/sad. My uncle wasn’t feeling it thought because he was there during 9/11 so it brought back bad memories. other then that, I had a good time seeing my family and exploring new York. I even took some pictures.


Overall, My break was very chill and fun. Now, Back to reality.



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