Week 7: Now that’s an “Odeal”


Me after finding a Cheap Jersey

Sorry about the pun

But anyway, Today something hilarious happened today

As you probably know, Odell Beckham jr got traded to the browns “Witch was incredibly stupid in my opinion”. So I thought to myself “How much are Beckham jersey?” so I went to Modells and I manage to find Beckham jerseys, FOR $20. And of course I bought it. Now heres the thing, I already have a Beckham Jersey that my parents got me for Christmas a few years ago, But it is an XL witch doesn’t fit me. The one I got was a Medium witch dose fit me. so I decided to buy a Medium Jersey for 20 bucks and give the one I already have to my Dad (I’m a Good Son). I also like how on the reseat, It said that I saved $80.

In Conclusion, Don’t trade your star player, otherwise the jersey prices go down and collectors (like me) can get an easy W.

for the first time in a while, Thank god I’m a jets fan.


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