Week 9: Bronx Bombers

This Tuesday, I went to a Yankees Game.

This Trip to the Bronx started out as an April fools joke “as I thought” when he randomly texted me that he has a belated gift for me. My brother is notorious for his April fools jokes on my family, so I was just Ignoring it. When he came home from work, he actually gave my something……..His Wells Fargo bill (yay). He than gave me Tickets to the Yankees Game against the Detroit Tigers, so this wasn’t a complete April fools joke. Coincidentally on the same day, I got accepted to a Collage, so on Tuesday we were celebrating.

We took the train to Yankees Stadium to meet up with my brothers friends who were at a Bar called Stans (Fun fact: This bar was were the famous Derek Jeter Re2pect Commercial was filmed). After having a few drinks we then proceed to the Yankees Game. The game itself was kinda boring and the Yankees actually lost 3-1 and it was freezing. I was so cold , that my hands became numb, Besides the game and the weather, I had a good time hanging out with my brother and his friends and also celebrating my acceptance to a collage. It sucks that the Yankees lost, But this is only the beginning of a long season so theirs no need to worry.

I  also took some pic at Yankees Stadium:



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