Week 11: Take Your Heart


After 5 long mouths. Joker is Finally in Smash

if you don’t know, Joker is the main Character from a game called Persona 5  which is actually one of my favorite games of all time. its an rpg that takes place in Shibuya Japan where you play as a high school student who fights monsters called shadows. As you progress through the game, you slowly gain party members and monsters called personas to fight the shadows and explore dungeons. And that game in a nutshell, if I talk about everything about the game, Ill be here for a very long time, I mean the game is over 100 HOURS LONG. Ill just say that this is one of the best RPGs I have ever played, The Characters are good, Gameplay is fun, And the soundtrack is one of the best in any game.

Story time

All the way back in late 2018, I was talking to some of my friends about what characters should be in Super Smash Bros. I said that Joker should be in it, I though it was impossible for a character like that to be in smash because he is from a Rated M game and he is not on a Nintendo console. However………

On the day of December 6th 2018, Me and My friends watched the annual Game awards on Twitch, During the show, they showed off a trailer for something persona themed, I though it was a trailer for a spinoff game in the series, Until…..



After I saw that image of the smash envelop, my friends and I were in shock and disbelief, My friends and I also ignored the rest of the show just to talk about the trailer. The reaction was recorded and it will post it.(WARNING BAD LANGUAGE. Im in the background, going crazy)


And then we waited, and waited, and waited until Finally He came out. Joker is now playable and I can not anymore happy. I love all the care and effort that was put into this character. Its like they know who this guy is and where he is from.

Now all we need is Sora, then my life is complete.

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