Week 13: Farewell Address

Well……This is it

Its the end of the semester and also

The end of my final semester at Westchester Community Collage

I have been in this school for roughly two and a half years and it has been an unforgettable journey. while their I learned a very important lesson, That Life is unfair and you wont get what you want all the time. I have dealt with bad professors, Tough work, me doubting myself, panic attacks, disappointment and sooooo much stress. But I just kept going and now here we are. I will be graduating and I will also be going to Purchases in the fall. I just want to take this moment to thank a few people.

Thank you Professor Ferranto For helping me with The Visual hierarchy project For purchase and helping me realize my passion of graphic design. Without you, I would have never got into purchase or any school.

Thank you to Professor Mahr For helping me with Transfer work and always being extremely helpful in that whole process.

Thank you to Professor Tschampel For literally Everything. From being a great professor to work with to helping me while I was at my worst. Thanks for always believing in me.

Thank you to the Officers for the New Media Group. We Did a good job with everything this semester. And I couldn’t ask for a better group of officers and friends.

I have meet so many people throughout my time here at WCC and I am extremely Grateful  that I have had the opportunity to get to know you. Form struggling in Drawing 2 to getting reunited with my old high school friend who iI haven’t scene in 4 years, Thank you for everything.

And to you the reader of this blog post. Thanks for dealing with my BS For the past couple of mouths. I had fun making these Posts and I hope you have enjoyed them.

Thank you WCC For all the memories, Now its time to move on to bigger and better things.



Mamba out




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