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Yes, im a Yankees fan 

Hello, My name is James Jacapraro. I was born on February 20th 1998 in New York and I am the youngest of 2 brothers. Some thing I enjoy Doing on my free time is play games, Watch sports, Go to the gym, and explore the internet. My career goal is to become a Graphic Designer, i want to be a graphic designer because I have a passion for digital art and I love using Programs like Photoshop. I relay don’t know exactly what I see myself doing in 5 years, But I do know it is something related to Graphic Design. I don’t know anyone who went to school for art. However, my brother is a self taught Graphic Designer who runs a small business. My Proudest moment was probably when i passed drawing 2. I am not a good drawer and the Drawing 2 class I took one semester was probably the toughest course I have ever took. I was so stressed out with the class that I wanted to quit countless time thinking i would fail the class. But I keep going with the class and eventual I passed. My ideal job would be A Graphic Designer, But I don’t know what specific type I want to do yet. Their isn’t any photographers that I am interested in at the moment. I enrolled to this class to get a refresher on how to create digital art. Three adjectives others might use to describe me are probably Funny, Kind, and Determined.