Case Study

Class             Wed Design 1

Title              Fantasy Football 101

Semester     Spring 2018

Professor      Deborah Krikun




DESCRIPTION: This website is used for anyone who plays Fantasy Football. In this game, People draft a team of nfl players and compete with each other for prizes or for bragging rights. Along the way, many people have problems on who should start, what player to draft, who to trade for, etc. this is where this website comes into play, this site is design to help fantasy football team owners win there league and win the big bucks. You can learn how to draft, Who is injured and updates on the injury, Player comparisons and much more.


RESERCH: Very little research when into this site. There was a section on to help players but that was a section of the site, not the entire site. I did see a web site for fantasy soccer that was very interstation. They had a team of the week section and an injury section that I found very fascinating. It had a player’s injuries and the latest update on an injury.


UX: With the user experience. Each page has a different header color to make the pages more unique. Each page has a welcoming description of the pages that the user is on.  The home page has a sense of the user felling that the user is at the right place for help. Each page has 2 images of nfl players to make the site more Interesting and fun to use.  The contact page has a clickable link that take the user to a page where you can send a message to a Fantasy football expert if you need help. The page also has a Picture of an football player holding the Vince Lombardi Trophy (The Trophy given to the team who wins the Super bowl) to give the user a feeling of winning.


CHALLENGE:  There were only 2 challenges that I can think of when I made this site. The first one was that I want to have a unique nave bar on top. But it wasn’t working so I discarded it and just changed the fount instead. The other problem I had was that I made a transition of the images on the bottom of the page. But I did it wrong and it didn’t work so I didn’t add them and when for a default image instead. There was also creative brainstorming when I did this but that wasn’t as big of a problem because it’s a common problem.


RESULTS: Overall, the website is just a basic website for people to come and learn more about fantasy Football. There are some unique aspects in the site that make the user more entered and make them feel more comfortable when they are stressed out because Fantasy can be stressful when you don’t know what to do. This site will help relieve the stress on fantasy and will hopefully turn you into a winner and force to recon with.


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