• You get to the by typing the URL.
  • This website works for all devises.
  • The website is testable and adaptable when scaled differently. the travel section is off a little bit.
  • This research is for the project.
  • The biggest risk in designing this website was finding the perfect pictures to give the user a clear understanding on what they are talking about.
  • Click targets are exacted well in this site.
  • This is a logged out experience with a subscription for there online shops.
  • You can find information in this site relatively fast.
  • There relay is no major consistency in this site
  •    A good time for a user to uses this website is when they are planing to go on vacation











  • I found out it won a webby award and the site was there .
  • It supports all devises.
  • This site works across different screen sizes.
  • This research is for this project.
  • I have documented the over and click with this site and it works fine.
  • There are click targets taking about abortion story  .
  • This is a logged-out experience with donations on the site.
  • Content dose flow from section too section with story’s about abortion  .
  • This site has a relatively serious tone.
  • User might use this site to learn about abortion and donate.




-content tone

-item spacing




-layout grid


  • user might find out about this site if they want to attend ballet classes or go to a show.
  • This site is use on all devises.
  • This site works on a different screen size.
  • This site is research for the project .
  • the click and hover state for the site work perfectly.
  • typography size looks pretty good on this site.
  •  this is a logged out experience with the ability to but tickets to shows.
  • Information for this site was found pretty fast.
  • Typography was exacted well in this site .
  • The user might use this site if they wanted to attend ballet class or attend a show





-Text imput



-Layout: header